California Karting (1960)
Early leadership and...trouble at the track...

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This cover photo, from the cover of Karting Sport magazine, June 1960, is from that issue's feature article  "California Karting". While most of the article centered around the racing fun to be had, including lots of photos from Go Kart Raceway, the article made a few interesting  points - one about California's leadership in the new sport and another about a ..well.. brouhaha of sorts that occurred at a race event. 

California's lead:
"Karting in California will grow faster than anyplace in the country. ...It all started there and they have a pretty good lead on anything and everything that's new within the sport. Other locations are beginning to catch up a little, but because of the twelve month period they have for racing, they will always remain a couple of jumps ahead of everyone... It always takes a leader and California looks like a leader."

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Trouble at the track:

"It happened about a year ago. Some pretty unfortunate teenage boys pulled into a track as racing was getting underway and did everything they could think of to ruin everyone's good time. They threw glass on the track and started pushing people around. That is they started to do these things. They were outside looking in before anyone knew what had happened. Karting people are funny about the sport. They come to the track to race or to watch and that's all. When something happens to stop a race, it had better be something importantor the average California karter can get pretty mad about the whole thing. That's what happened. The drivers of the karts all pulled over to one side of the track at once and took off after the glass throwing boys. Half the pit area...joined in. It wasn'y long befor the stands emptied and every karting man was after the boys. Now that must have been quite a sight to see...."

I guess. No pics of that in the article.

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