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Brian T. Fields
The story behind the cover photo

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Readers familiar with Leroi Tex Smith's book "Karting" may recognize this photo from its cover. Well one of the 3  fellows in the picture, Brian Fields (with the glasses) wrote us with a bit of the story behind the photo.

"The picture was taken at Willow Springs Raceway in  Rosamond Ca. in 1970. The kart is a Hornet B-open kart Mac 91's for power.  Hornets were built in Texas.

I am the person in the glasses. Jack Gesler, at the rear of the kart, was the kart's owner.  Doug Henline, behind both of us and looking up toward the top of the hill at Willow Springs, was the owner of Douglas Wheels (and is still involved in karting). I was the engine builder.

We were standing  around trying to figure out how to keep the expansion chambers on the kart for a full hour. Jack and I are still good friends I haven't talked to Doug in years. We used to build ( on the floor ) and prepare the karts at Doug's parents house in Anaheim. Doug was Enduro National Champion in American Reed  Senior twice, driving karts he built. Just a little bit of info from kartings past."

Brian T.Fields  (I was known as Tim, my middle name, in those days).

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