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Bill Valentine / Kartland, Wakefield MA (1967)

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Bill Valentine of Salem NH sent these photos and writes:

I'm attaching two pictures of Kartland, taken in 1967. Kartland was located next to the parking lot of Pleasure Island [amusement park] in Wakefield, MA. I worked at Pleasure Island from 1965 thru 1967 and was the manager of Kartland in 1967. Pleasure Island was closed in 1968 and eventually torn down to make way for an industrial park. It was located just West of the Colonial Country Club, off of Route 128. (By the way, Pleasure Island was used for many scenes in the 1967 movie, "Charley" which won Cliff Robertson the Best Actor Academy Award in 1968.)

Pictured above is (L to R) Don Decesaris, Judy Martino and Bill Valentine (me) standing next to the track.

Pictured below is (L to R) John Guiney and his cousin Miles (forget his last
name) checking a kart between runs.

[Ed. Note: I remember Kartland very well. It's the first place I ever drove a kart, back in 1961]

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