dock sceneThis photo depicts karts being unloaded at Nassau for the 1960 International grand Prix de Karts. First run in 1959, the event in 1960 attracted kart entries from six countries. Bobby Allen, driving a dual MC-10 powered Xterminator, snared the B/C modified event and overall championship. As for transportation, once they hit the dock at Nassau, owners were on their own to devise ground transportation to the track.
Gosh - the ships, trucks, trailer racks, trailers, vans, planes, lading, loading, boats, cargo, shipments, harbors, freight and everything to transport the cargo to ist shipping destinations.

kart on back of VW

These resourceful fellows rented a VW to carry their kart to the races.

For the most part, the logistics of kart transportation in the early days were not this complicated. Usually, a station wagon, roof rack or large trunk (remember how big cars were then!) was all you need to haul kart and a few spares and tools to the races.

kart rack adWesbar marketed this roof rack ca 1961. The single carrier retailed at $39.95; the double carrier shown was $49.95. 

As for dedicated vans or racing trailers, these were usually only employed by racing teams or other serious enterprises. Did I say SERIOUS?

vanThis truck was photographed in 1960 at the then-new Vivian Park track in Ontario Canada. It carried karts, parts and tools. Replete with its own sound system, it was a rolling advertisement for its owner.

kaddy adThis handy little device was for moving and jacking your kart for tune-ups and parts changes.

And when all else fails...

man carrying kartOk, we get the point! Your Simplex kart is like REALLY light.But in order to win this trophy, it must complete the race under its own power.

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