Fun with Mini-Bikes

minibike action
Fun on a Mini-Bike ca. 1960

The Explosion

The first karts had barely touched tires to the pavement in the late 50's when their two-wheeled counterparts, called mini-bikes, first appeared. Prior to karts and mini-bikes, a variety of small motorized two-wheeled options did exist, such as motorscooters or bicyle motorization kits. Mini-bikes however, in the similar spirit as karts, took motorized two-wheeling to its most elemental stripped-down form. As with karts, the roster of manufacturers grew rapidly.

Here is a sampling of ads from the early 60's.   Note: It is still possible to build an authentic Lil Indian mini-bike today. Find out how.

GoKart bikeBug FleaDart BikeBonanzaCaper CycleSavageLil Indian BikeDiscovererFox Campus

Fun with Mini-Bikes:

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