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Hot Rod Music CD's

hotrodmag.jpgHot Rod: Rev it Up! The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Rip Chords and more! The important hot rod groups! Only $11.49!



lincoln.jpgHot Rod Lincoln - Live! - Bill Kirchen.Wea/Atlantic/Rhino/Hightone. This is what great roadhouse music is all about. Good songs, strong performances, and a down to earth sense of humor. This is one live performance that holds up after repeated listenings.


slots.gifThe Revells: Go Sounds of the Slots - Yes you read it right - an album from the 60's about slot cars! Rare and superb musicianship and production of Gary Usher, Glen Campbell, Hal Blaine and Dick Burns.



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Hot Rod: Big Boss Instrumentals - The Ventures, Surfaris, Booker T, etc. Check out this collection!
Hot Rod: Hot Rod Cowboys - Robert Mitchum (Thunder Road), Dave Dudley (Six Days on the Road), Johnny Cash, George Jones, Roger Miller, et al.
Hot Rod: Hot Rod Rebel: - Gene Vincent, Chuck Berry, Dion, Eddie Cochran Del Shannon, Fats Domino. Wow!

Miscellaneous Titles

Hot Rod City" (Various Artists) - Sundazed Records. This rare album from 1963 features the Grand Prix, The Quads, The Customs, and others. The entire original album, plus 8 bonus tracks, original session sheets and new notes.
Awesome Surfing Album - Beachboys, Ventures, Jan & Dean, et al. $4.97!!
Go Kart vs The Corporate Giant
- Go-Kart Records. I honestly don't know a thing about this CD, but the name's intriguing. Take a chance if you like for only $3.97.

Beach Boys -
From $11.88

bbthirty.jpgThirty Years of the Beach Boys - Boxed Set, 5 CDs. This is the ultimate collection. 141 songs, 40 unreleased, including 30 minutes of the most legendary unreleased album in rock:"Smile"; an entire disc of "bootleg" stuff. Chronologically organized, beginning with their earliest demos (Surfin' USA, etc), from original labels Capitol, Caribou, Brother and Colpix. Full color 60 page booklet. They did this one right!

bbthirty.jpgThe Pet Sounds Sessions [BOX SET] - Beach Boys - Boxed Set, 4 CDs. This is the ultimate Pet Sounds set.
"THE PET SOUNDS SESSIONS is thunderously anal....a thoroughly bewitching experience....This, then, is PET SOUNDS: The Autopsy; each song's vital components carved out and slapped on the slab for inspection....A masterpiece..."  [New Musical Express]


bbthirty.jpg15 Big Ones/Love You [ORIGINAL RECORDING
REMASTERED] - Beach Boys
- "15 Big Ones" is a minor masterpiece in the Beach Boys' canon -- "Love You." Sounding more like a lo-fi group like the Beta Band than the slick studio masters of the last decade, the album finds Brian
Wilson in creative control but in a strange state of mind. The album is filled with odd odes to a plethora of un-self-conscious and almost childlike topics: television watching, planets, kids, airplanes -- really, anything but the sun-n-surf of their early work or the melancholy self-analysis of the mid-to-late-60s albums like "Pet Sounds."

wilson.jpgBrian Wilson: I Just Wasn't Made for These Times  ..Don Was...managed to get an apparently rejuvenated Wilson into a recording situation, hauling him through the darkest, most intimate areas of his back catalogue, and...reawakening his dormant gifts....spine-chillingly beautiful.

wilson.jpgBrian Wilson: Imagination  Brian Wilson's second full-fledged solo release. "Just when I was convinced that Brian was suffering from irreversible damage both emotionally, and physically, along comes this miraculous album! Teeming with rich, vintage Wilson harmonies, wonderful singing, a childlike purity, and an upbeat feel, the album is a must-own for all Beach Boy fans.."

Jan and Dean

jdall.jpgJan & Dean: All the Hits - Comprehensive 2 CD set, 55 songs. Unlike most Jan & Dean collections which just have a bunch of surf and car songs on them, this collection includes ALL of Jan & Dean's hits. Even their first hit "Jennie Lee" from 1958. Many of their other singles are included in this as well! If you're into Jan & Dean, this is the one!


jdhits.jpgJan & Dean All Time Greatest Hits - Includes Surf City, Little Old Lady from Pasadena, Dead Man's Curve, Drag City, 11 cuts in all at a bargain price.



jdlive.jpgJan & Dean: Command Performance - Live in Person - 27 songs, including big hits and some Batman songs. A real trip!

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