Karting's Early Days
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Karting pioneer Don Boberick recalls the early days

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The above photo is of karting pioneer Don Boberick riding the FIRST Rathmann Xterminator prototype kart.

Don Boberick had been  contacted by Jim Rathmann and asked to drive this new kart design at the GKCA (Go Kart Club of America) Nationals in 1959.  Don did not ultimately accept the ride (more on this story in a the "History 1959" installment). Pictured behind the kart are Jim Rathmann (center), a McCulloch rep (hidden behind Don) and a Cushman rep (that connection is not clear).

Don Boberick was one of the central figures in the early days of karting. He was among the first group of karters duking it out in the Rose Bowl parking lot back in 1957, and was one of the founding members of GKCA (which later evolved into IKF).

Don has recently contacted the Vintage Karts web site and has supplied terrific photos and narratives about those early days. We are truly honored by Don's participation with the Vintage Karts web site.

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