History: Rathmann Xterminator

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Marc Parker sent along these photos and some interesting historical insight into one of the most important racing karts of the vintage karting era, the Rathmann Xterminator. Here's what Marc has to say:

Attached are some B&W promotional photos of the  Rathmann Xterminator kart I received from Brian Sheridan who restored the body of my Gold Rath.{Check out Marc's "Gold Rath" in the Readers' Karts section.} These are 8.5x10's, glossy in perfect condition. On the back of the "WorldChamp"....photos is penciled 1960, on the back of the "different" looking Rath with the strange engines and the man is penciled "John Koal Kozlauski approx 1958". I'm not sure the date is accurate in that the prototype was 1960 according to the Don Boberick article on the Vintagekarts web page.

xterm john koal kozlauski 58.jpg (163624 bytes)
(photo marked "John Koal Kozlauski approx 1958")

On the back of the half shot rear of the kart is written "Sam Sarra's Kart".  I have a photo copy of the Rathman Xterminator sales booklet and Sam is listed as Chief Engineer. Close examination of these photos reveals what appears to be a reinforcement or an extension of the body, both front and rear. It may be steel, chromed or polished, or perhaps a second layer of aluminum. The shot of the Kart rear appears to show it could actually be an extension, perhaps of steel in order to handle the stress of the rear axle, bearings, and motor mounts. It is evident that it is not annodized   like the main body. Perhaps the front was the same concept to handle the stress on the spindles.

xterm sam sarra.jpg (149741 bytes)
(photo marked "Sam Yarra's Kart")

The Rathmans in production do not have these features. wouldn't you love to have one of these! What type of  engines are in the John Koal picture? Who is John Kozlauski? Note the different steering wheel and different  upholstery. If there are any other Xterminator geeks out there who want a copy of the sales manual I'll be   glad to copy it for them. It's loaded with some neat information, including a parts list of every nut, bolt and  washer on the kart and a real nice exploded parts picture. To join the Xterminator Kart Owners Club of  America, eMail me at-marc.parker3@gte.net Currently there is only one member that I'm aware of ....me.
Like they say at the classic car shows, be different, restore a Pontiac!

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