It's 1958. The Shape of Things to Come

This is kinda fun. It's like mid-1958 and Rod & Custom magazine is looking into karts of the future.  Here are several of the futuristic concepts presented in their "Off the Sketchpad" section, and titled "the shape of things to come".


rcshapes2.jpg (19046 bytes)

"A modification of the basic go-kart frame design which incorporates side rails to hold the karter securely in place while negotiating violent turns, retains the steering yoke, but in plowshare form."

[This Sketchpad concept actually was prophetic or perhaps even influential, as side rails did begin to appear a year or so later. I can't say the same for the "plowshare form" yoke though. - Bob]







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"Bill Hannan, a winner of the R&C Design Contest awhile back, favored us with his rendition of a possible covering for the skeleton of the wee stormers. ... Handler's feet rest in no-slip recesses at forward portion of the little car's body shell." [Some cool features - but the driver's expression is the best part of the illustration. - Bob.]








rcshapes3.jpg (20864 bytes)


This is one of two concepts presented by design student Chuck Pelly. This is "a Drone-powered race machine with large gas tank for endurance events, a real necessity on the twin cylinder cars." [This frame design, with side rail integrated to the rear portion of the frame, indeed became the most popular configuration by 1960, including the Go Kart 800, and Bug Wasp. I'm not 100% certain, but Percival's Hellcat may have been the first mass-produced kart with this type frame. - Bob]




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