It's 1958 Page 3: Karting Accessories

The Rod & Custom July 1958 issue included an article titled "Accessory Round-Up". Some of the photos from that article are presented below, with portions of the original captions. But first, here's the original lead-in paragraph in its entirety. This is cool stuff.

"No sooner had the pint-sized hustlers made their appearance on the automotive scene than a flurry of accessories cropped up to make the cars faster, safer, more comfortable and a little more eye appealing. Here are a few of the more popular items available at this writing, with more to undoubtedly come along as this new-found sport expands."

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"Ever try to make your own steering wheel? It's a frustrating job usually ending in bad temper, sore feelings -  and no wheel! Go Kart Mfg Co. answers the problem for a wheel made to fit all small cars, 1/4 midgets, etc.... . Priced at a low $9.95, they're the hottest selling small car accessory."
"Want more speed from your car? The West Bend 750 engine has sufficient power to turn a larger diameter tire when the car is used over a flat course. Gain from 4 to 5 mph by adding a set of 3.50 x 5 "knobby" tires to your rear wheels. ...    "Sold either outright or exchange..."




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"For $15.00, your direct-drive kart can be equipped with this fully machined clutch assembly. ... Permits starting the engine without pushing... Go Kart Mfg. at 152 East Huntington Dr., in Monrovia Calif." [I'm so glad they came "fully machined" - Bob]









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Moon Automotive Equipment Co. ... has come up with their famous Moon Discs to fit most 5" and 6" wheels.  ... Priced at $5.95 a set.










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"Go Kart Mfg. Co....builder of the first karts and presently leading manufacturer, sells either with their kart kits, with their assembled version, or over the counter to purchasers who wish to dress up their older karts [older karts!? - Bob] , a 3-piece chrome set. Included are fuel tank, flywheel shroud and muffler and they are sold either outright, or on an exchange basis."









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The accessories article also featured a rack and pinion steering mechanism from Hartman Engineering, "well known in racing circles as a supplier of quality parts and the builder of the original Disneyland Autopia car..". [That's very cool, but what is the "Autopia" car? - Bob]

The image shown here is taken from a Hartman ad that appeared in the same issue.






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