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Karting Evolution
Contributed by Dennis Smirl

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This shot, contributed by Dennis Smirl,  tells a lot about the state of enduro kart evolution in 1967. Dennis explains:

"This is a 1967 shot of  two karts taken at Continental Divide Raceways just south of Denver CO. The #708 kart is a Bug Scorpion (mine) with a Mac91 and the first expansion chamber exhaust we saw for the Mac. The kart, itself, had an adjustable seat back for semi-laydown operation. However, the kart was short wheelbase, so without the tanks, it was really quick on sprint tracks.
The #710 kart was a Bug Scarab (my friend, Robbie Robison ran it) and it was a semi-sidewinder. I'm wondering if it wasn't the first move toward sidewinder karts. As you can see from the picture, the engine was still over the axle, but moved as far right as possible. That allowed the seat to be offset to the left, with the headrest behind the vertical
plane of the axle. This was also a short wheelbase kart, and it was a handling terror."

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