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Classic Cars

classic.gif (9288 bytes)The Ultimate Classic Car Book - Quentin Willson and David Selby; Hardcover. This beautifully illustrated, oversized book won't disappoint enthusiasts of contemporary classics (1950's to early 90's). Willson and Selby proudly offer 90 automobiles that for them fit the classic bill: 'interesting, diverting, beguiling.' Feast on these!

amer.jpgClassic American Cars - Quentin Willson and Matthew Ward; Hardcover.Celebrating 60 of America's best-loved automobiles, this full-color car show spotlights the most glamourous cars of the golden era from 1945-1975.   More than 680 lavish full-color photos

ferrari.jpg50 Years of Ferrari: 1947-1997 - Andrea Curami and Tony Antonini; Hardcover.


indy.jpgVintage and Historic Indianapolis Race Cars - Dan Owen; Oversized Paperback. A colorful history from the 1920's to the mid-1960's - sprint, midget and dirt championship cars ending with Jimmy Clark's 1965 victory in a rear-engined Lotus.

stock.jpgClassic Stock Cars - Dr. John Craft; Paperback.




The Customizers

barris.jpgBarris TV & Movie Cars - George Barris, David Fetherston; Paperback. Good book about the king and some of his most famous creations.


Barris Kustoms of the 1950's - George Barris, David Fetherston; Paperback.
Barris Kustoms of the 1960's - George Barris, David Fetherston; Paperback.
Barris Kustoms: Techniques of the 50's Vol 1  - Top Chops Sectioning Dechroming and Fadeways. - George Barris, Tony Thacker; Paperback.
Barris Kustoms: Techniques of the 50's  Vol 2 -Grilles, Scoops, Fins and Frenching -
George Barris, Tony Thacker; Paperback.

barris3.jpgBarris Kustoms: Techniques of the 50's Vol 3 - Lights, Skirts, Engine and Interiors - George Barris, Tony Thacker; Paperback.


barris4.jpgBarris Kustoms: Techniques of the 50's Vol 4 - Flames, Scallops, Paneling and Striping - George Barris; Paperback.


Hot Rods by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth - Ed Roth, Tony Thacker; Paperback.
Kustom Culture: Von Dutch, Ed "Big Daddy Roth", Robert Williams and Others - Ron Turner; Paperback.If you ever wanted to learn about the masters of hot rod art, this is a good place to start.
How to Build Custom Cars - Tex Smith; Paperback.
Boyd Coddington's How to Build a Hot Rod Chassis - Boyd Coddington et al; Paperback.
Boyd Coddington's How to Build Hot Rod Bodywork - Boyd Coddington et al; Paperback.
Boyd Coddington's How to Build Hot Rod Engines and Drivelines - Boyd Coddington et al; Paperback.
Boyd Coddington's How to Paint Your Hot Rod - Boyd Coddington et al; Paperback.
Weird Cars - John A. Gunnell; Paperback.You won't believe this collection of truly bizarre cars, featuring everything from the relatively tame Batmobile and Weinermobile to the Dracula dragster, phantom Corsair, and a zebra-striped Subaru. Contains more than 500 photos of the strangest, wildest wheels anywhere.

Car Culture

hotrod.gif (9800 bytes)Hot Rod - - David Perry & Barry Gifford; Paperback Hot Rod captures the American obsession with speed, thrills, and cars in an unparalleled collection of photographs. Very Cool!


amhotrod.jpgThe American Hot Rod - - Dean Batchelor; Hardcover. This fine illustrated history of the heyday of the American hot rod pairs veteran car fan and investigator Batchelor with the story of the evolution of performance autos which went beyond the family car. Over two hundred black and white photos and many color shots pepper this lively history, not only reported on but lived by hot rodder  author Batchelor.


cruisin.gif (9288 bytes)Cruisin' - - M. Witzel & K. Bash; Hardcover. ", the rise of youth culture, street racing, drive-ins, cruisers versus the law, Detroit's role, "classic" cruising venues like Detroit's Woodward Avenue, popular culture and more. It is illustrated with historical new photos and features a dozen specially commissioned artwork by well-known automotive illustrator Kent Bash. 200 photos, 150 in color". Save 30% on this 5-star book!


nights.jpgHot Rod Nights: Boulecard Cruisin' in the USA - - Robert and Robin Genat; Paperback. Save 20% on this NEW book! Only $10.36 at Amazon.


drivein.gif (8787 bytes)The American Drive-In - - M. Witzel; Hardcover.The American Drive-In is a wonderful look at the nostalgic history, culture, and folklore of the drive-in restaurant--its development and the role it played in American folklife. Images from American Graffiti, Happy Days, and the finned and chromed cars from the '50s and '60s set the tone for this colorful, memory-filled book. Save 30% at!

theatre.jpgThe American Drive-In Movie Theatre - - Sanders, Sanders & Sanders; Hardcover. Save 30% on this 5-star book!



carhop.jpgCar Hops & Curb Service - A History of American
Drive-In Restaurants 1920-1960.
- J. Heimann; Paperback. Those long-gone days when customer service was number one--and meals were dished up by enthusiastic young women costumed to resemble drum majorettes--are captured in this compilation of vintage photographs and memorabilia, crammed to overflowing with nostalgia. Save 20% at amazon!


memo.gif (9288 bytes)Auto Racing Memorabilia and Price Guide
-Mark Allen Baker; Paperback. Informative history of auto racing and a price guide for racing collectibles. Covers Indy Car, NASCAR, NHRA, team and driver information, and thousands of prices for racing cards, diecast and plastic models, autographs and more.


collect.jpgHot Rod Memorabilia & Collectibles
-D. Fetherston; Paperback. Models, toys, movie posters, club plaques, books, magazines, comics .. this one's got all the neat old stuff.

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